Internal Groundswell

Have you ever thought about using groundswell to interact internally?

With a bigger company, communication between employees feels next to impossible. Employees are now able to connect through social media sites all over to world to collaborate and exchange ideas. From building a community, to using a wiki, supporting the internal groundswell will benefit your company.

Like your customers, you will gain value from listening to your employees. Having an internal community does not only allow for feedback, but it allows employees to interact in regards to common issues. It also allows for management to post policy changes and business updates for employees to stay informed.

Personally, I believe that internal communities are a great way for employees to interact and encourage each other. I currently work at ATB Financial, and we have an internal community designated to recognizing fellow employees for the good things they do. We also have internal forums in which we can discuss changes within the company.

I believe that having a strong internal groundswell is a smart way to run faster in any industry.

ROI on Social Media Marketing

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If “return on investment (ROI) social media marketing” was searched for using Google, hundreds of results would show up.  Purchases, views, and shares can all be measured but which approach to calculating the ROI of social media marketing is best?

A blogger by the name of Eric Harr has come up with an excellent approach.  In his blog post 5 Simple Steps to Measure Social Media RIO”, he explains a very solid approach.  He goes through the five steps and then uses a mathematical formula.  Maybe I really take to this approach because I am a finance student and this approach gives concrete numbers at the end.  The five steps are:

1)      Determine Your Social Media Spend (SMS)  In other words, he is saying to calculate how much money is spent using social media.  The common idea is that social media is free. However, he makes the…

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Believable. Self-reinforcing. Self-spreading.

Word of mouth marketing is the most honest marketing in the industry. People have the ability to express their thoughts and feelings for others to see.

Energizing the groundswell means tapping into the power of word of mouth, by communicating with your most committed customers. You are able to create and maintain a community for your customers online in order to stay energized! You can also use ratings and reviews to tap into customer enthusiasm.

Groundswell has established five steps in order to apply the above techniques. Below, I will go through the steps in relation to the marketing industry.

1. Figure out if you want to energize the groundswell

Try and energize businesses which are looking to rebrand, or market their product/service

2. Check the social technographics profile of your customers

The target market consists of joiners and spectators based on the forrester activity in groundswell. That being said, most of them have do have select social media sites, but they do not interact as much as we need them to.

3. Ask yourself, “What is my customer’s problem?”

Think out of the box. Focus on what the business needs, not the service you will offer them.

4. Pick a strategy that fits your customers’ social technographics profile and problems

Twitter is a great site for customers to begin interacting. It also offers the ability to re-tweet which will also energize the community.

5. Don’t start unless you can stick around for the long haul

Like any social media interaction, you have to be consistent! Although it takes time to build a strong community, it will be well worth the wait! 

Good luck and Happy Holidays!

PS. 25 days until Christmas


It’s simple. 140 characters of richness
Twitter is a convenient way to stay active in social media. With an easy to use mobile app, you can “tweet” from wherever. You can post text, photos, videos and hyperlinks to any site! Some of the features that I love about twitter are:

• Followers – you can follow anyone in the world (unless they block you); it is a great way to stay up to date with current events all over the world

• Hashtags – #the #best #thing #ever ; use a hashtag in order to view tweets that you have interest in; it allows you to interact with individuals who have similar interests

• Mentions – @yourusername ; instead of writing on someone’s wall just mention them, a great tool used to interact with others

• Retweets – see something you like, retweet it; It not only gets you interacting, but it allows for others to retweet you which can result in more followers

Use it as a community. Interact with as many users as you can. Groundswell reminds us to find people who have interest in our product, and amplify their voice. Collaborate with the users in order to improve your business.

Although you only have 140 characters, you have the power to share anything from a fun fact to a company promotion.

Like blogging, you have to be consistent in order to maintain a strong relationship with your followers. Have personality. Know what you are doing. And be ready to interact!

Get a follower, follow them back. Get mentioned, respond!

Have fun, and happy tweeting! #doitright

Talking with Groundswell










Although marketers do not have distinct control throughout the middle stages, groundswell never stops supporting. Essentially, it is when groundswell does most of its work. In order for this to happen, you need to talk with the groundswell. For example, once you post a viral video, you can turn it into a conversation.

Groundswell states that the key to succeeding in social networks is to help people spread your message, and measure the results.

Engagement is key. That being said, you must also create a presence that creates interaction. Be consistent in regards to responses to consumers. The more engagement that is taking place will increase others to participate to. In the end, this will increase the company’s benefits.

Groundswell does a great job with analyzing the costs versus the benefits. In relation to the benefit analysis, they use estimate values. On that note, the benefits do not directly affect the sale decisions driven from the groundswell.

A great way to stay involved and maintain your site usage is Google analytics. It has different tools, in which you can measure the traffic on your site. Although it does not measure the ROI, it is a great middle step that will keep you headed into the right direction.


Who loves country music?! This girl does! 
Before Mr.Eric Church  decided to tour in Canada, I had planned a trip to see him in Everett Washington. 
On Tuesday November 13th I jumped on a plane to Kelowna British Columbia at 6am! My cousin picked me up from the airport and we were on our way. We made it to Washington in the afternoon and spent a few hours shopping. ( shopping in the states does not even compare to Canada) 
We headed to our hotel and got ready for the concert. I made sure not to be a minute late because the opening acts are my two favourite country stars right now! Justin and Kip Moore!! 
Boy, did they put on a good show!! 4 hours of pure entertainment!  
One thing I wish they did: all come out on stage together 
I can honestly say, it was one of the best nights of my life! 
Thank you country music! 

Is your groundswell supporting itself?

Groundswell, written by Li and Bernoff states that companies spend billions of dollars on call centres in order to support their customers. 

Think about all the money that can be saved if your groundswell could support your customers. Support forums, wikis and questions and answers (with yahoo) are all applications that allow for customer interaction. 
These applications are a great way for customers to receive the answers they need with out waiting on hold for hours. It will also eliminate the cost for call centres. 
The biggest downfall to these services is getting people involved online. You need a set of customers that are ready to share a common collection of information, stated by Li and Bernoff. Once you have that, it will make the process easier. The next thing you need is content. Make sure you have valid information that can be shared. Next, have patience and follow regulations. 
Don’t make things complicated, let your customers and  groundswell help you! 

What is your objective?

Groundswell, written by Li and Bernoff, created a four step planning process in order to build your strategy.


What are your customers ready for?

When you have determined your target market, you can start to recognize which is the best tactic to engage with you’re consumers online based on their involvement.



Example: In the marketing industry, there are many companies or individuals you can target. In this example, I decided to target entrepreneurs. Since a majority of individuals are joiners, or spectators it would be best to make a post, which they can like, and/or share.


What are your goals? 

When positioning yourself, think about what will benefit you the most.

  • Listening: research and understand customers
  • Talking: spread messages about your company
  • Energizing: find enthusiastic customers, power of word of mouth
  • Supporting: customers supporting each other
  • Embracing: integrate your customers into your business

Example: Again, since my target market consists of joiners and spectators, I would use their engagement as research. I can also begin to encourage my customers to share the creative/copy side, which was provided to them. (On all social media sites)


How do you want relationships with your customers to change? 

You must consider how you want your customers behavior to change?

Example: After listening to your customers, you get an understanding of what they want. Doing so, you can incorporate what you have found and share it with others, giving them the credit. You can also do promotions and fun campaigns in order to keep your customer engagement levels where you want them.


What should you build?

NOW, bring it all together. Use your people, strategy and objectives to pick appropriate technologies. 

Example: In order to target entrepreneurs, I believe it is best to position yourself within social media sites. It will allow them to not only like and share posts on a daily basis, but also share their opinions with other customers.

Social media sites are also great for incorporating fun campaigns when sharing the images that were created for them. 


In my social media marketing class, we got asked:

What kind of dog are you now, and what kind of dog do you want to be? 

I was stumped. After thinking about it, and relating it to the POST method, it makes more sense. You have to think about what actions you are taking now, and the actions you need to take to get to where you want to be. You must position yourself in a way which will benefit you the most.